January 21, 2019 0 Comments mwmispeaks

5 things you need to know about JTF

JTF is the one time a year Atlanta theatre kids can let their freak flag fly and embrace all their theatre kid magic! The one time a year when you can sing two notes from any Broadway show and it will turn into a forty-person singalong. The one time a year where you can be surrounded by theatre kids just like you, unapologetically and unashamedly.

  1. The Performing!

My first JTF was JTF 2018 and let me tell you, it was no joke. I came with my troupe and a 15-minute production of Lion King Jr. in which, I was playing Mufasa. Then I learned the first rule of JTF: performing isn’t the most important part. Yes, you practice your 15-minute set for months and drill it down to the second, BUT the most important part is the community!

  1. The Workshops!

Because the Junior Theater Festival is dedicated to the nurturing and growth of young performers, there are workshops to help us improve and get better. Believe me, there’s nothing better than sweating it out in a dance workshop with your friends. There’s always an opportunity to improve your skills and that’s why JTF is the best.

  1. The Guests!

You truly never know who will show up at JTF. From Alan Menken to Cassie Levy, it’s always a mystery and I love it! You might be walking to lunch alongside Pasek and Paul and they’re just as excited as you are to be there.

  1. Concerts? Yes, Concerts!

Along with the guests come concerts! Megan Hilty, Cynthia Erivo, and Ben Platt are just a couple of the people who’ve headlined the event! It’s the most musical theatre night of your life and probably the best.


  1. The reason for the festival, NEW MUSICALS

I love all of JTF but the new works showcase holds a special place in my heart. My personal favorite junior show is of course… Aladdin Jr. based on the Tony winning Broadway musical, but every year there’s a new set of shows for you or your theater to give life to. In 2019, MTI and JTF premiered Oliver JR., Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer JR., Sister Act JR., and Disney’s Frozen JR. These are big shows, and I promise you’ll be seeing them on stages near you soon!

JTF takes place in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Europe, Australia AND New Zealand. Make sure next year, you’re here to live your best theatre kid life! With that, here’s to JTF, where theatre kids unite!