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7 Reasons to go see Puffs Off-Broadway

Currently playing at New World Stages Off-Broadway, Puffs takes a look at the wizarding world from a new point of view. Taking the eyes off everyone’s favorite Brave, Harry Po… well you know the rest. It takes a look at the life of another one of Hogwarts’ houses, the Puffs! Puffs follows Wayne and his friends Megan and Oliver through their seven years at Hogwarts’ alongside Harry and his friends.

7 Years of the Puffs

The same seven years you’ve come to know from Harry’s perspective are flipped upside down. From the Philospher’s stone to the Deathly Hallows but told by the puffs, Everyone’s favorite wizarding house!

6. The best comedic writing you’re going to see Off Broadway

The writing of this show is mind blowing. Puffs is a work of genius! It exists on its own yet manages to live within the mythology of the wizarding world. it’s BRILLIANT! Not only is it good writing, but it’s smart writing, there are jokes for people who’ve never seen or read a Harry Potter movie/novel and there are jokes for the most die hard potter fans. The writer, Matt Cox deserves all the awards for this feat of skill and courage.

5. IMPROV for your life!

It’s written into the show that the role, J. Finch/others (They play multiple people throughout the show) is just given space to improv. It is the greatest thing ever, I love it and LIVE for it! I got to see Alex Haynes in the role and he lead a five minute long IMPROVISED poem about pineapples. It was…brilliant and everything I love about Theatre.

4. This Cast!

This cast deserves all the praise they can get. Puffs is timed practically to the second, the show itself has to be the hardest thing to learn on the planet. I commend this cast for remembering every costume and prop change, that alone would’ve taken me months to learn. And they’re all hilarious, they all get moments to shine. Madeleine Bundy is one of the best comedic actors I’ve ever seen, she’s a genius and the same can be said for her counterparts in the show. From Stephen Stout, to Zac Moon, Andy Miller, EVERY cast member has a moment to shine and when they do, they kill it!

3. It’s the most Potter thing you’ve ever seen

It is wall to wall, Wizarding World. It’s brilliant that Matt was able to write this show without driving himself crazy, I honestly don’t know how he did it. I’m stressed thinking about the intricacies of this show. He touches every piece of the lore and makes it funny while also staying true to its source material. HOW? For that reason alone, I need a Matt Cox guide to playwrighting because I was in awe.

2. Puffs is the funniest show in New York City

Puffs is a unicorn show, which means it appeals to a very specific audience. Nevertheless, Puffs still lands with every member of the audience. I got to see the show with someone that had never been exposed to the wizarding mythology but the show still translated and was funny! THAT is good writing, though the show is so steeped in this mythology, it’s still funny as an introduction to the world. It manages to introduce information to first timers in a way that still acknowledges hardcore potter fans and they’re knowledge of the world.


It’s Off-Broadway at New World Stages and it’s one of the most affordable shows you’re going to find in NYC. What’s the best part? The tickets aren’t thousands of dollars like some of its Broadway counterparts…parts one and two. And in addition to that, Puffs’ matinees are PG for matinees! On Saturday and Sundays you can take your young wizards to the show but don’t worry their evening performances are the same PG13 Puffs we love. Buy your tickets for this show now! I promise you, it’s a decision you won’t regret! So you can buy tickets here! and follow ‘Puffs’ on social media here!