December 1, 2017 0 Comments Reviews

The Alliance theatre’s Shakespeare in Love

I had the opportunity to be in the first preview of this incredible show. For those that don’t know what that means, I was in the first audience they’d performed for. I am a part of the Alliance Theatre’s Teen Ensemble so I was giving the amazing opportunity to see this incredible show. I met the cast on their first day of rehearsals and I knew this was going to be incredible but WOW. I’m just going to get into it.

Guys this show pulled all the stops. Incredible set pieces, a bed, chandeliers I was in awe the entire time. The one thing that took me out was the pages that came out of the ceiling at the end. I audibly gasped and said “AAAAHHHHHH” I was not prepared. It gave all the life! they bring you into the world in a way that’s nothing short of legendary.

You want to hear something shocking? I didn’t see any mics on this cast… which means they weren’t wearing mics! What?! I love this! When you must “stage whisper” to be heard. I love that you must project because all too often artists don’t project and you miss the most crucial parts of the show.

These contemporary actors held up the dialects and cadence of a “classic” show. they spoke these word in accents like they’d been doing it their entire lives. I just knew most of them had Shakespearean training and I was right! It was incredible to watch them go through this show seemingly without a sweat. It showed me and my teen ensemble family what we could be.

As always, I have to shoutout this ensemble. They were on it! Every set change was perfect and down to a science. Their collective comedic timing was something I’d never seen before. I hadn’t laughed that hard at a show in a while. For them to take these words off the page and make them funny is a feat not many can achieve. There’s no need to breakdown this show character by character because it’s an ensemble show. They all bring something so significant to the show individually that they’re all the leads. The show is centered around Shakespeare but it’s a story of people. It is brilliantly told!

Go see this brilliant show directed by someone I had the privilege to work with this summer, Mr. Richard Garner. He’s incredible and so is this show! Check it out running at Oglethorpe University from now until September 24th!!