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An American On Tour


An American in paris on tour brings dance and a timeless love story to the Fox Theater. An American in Paris is based off the 1951 movie starring Gene Kelly. This show was my first dance heavy show and it was phenomenal. This show is absolute gold! It suspended my belief the entire time. I didn’t want to look away from the stage, I didn’t check my phone, I was zoned in and just in the moment. That is the key to a good show, suspend reality. That what your job is in theatre, hold attention, distract from the real world and take them on a journey. That’s what this show’s creators did beautifully.

It’s hard to go wrong with a show written by George and Ira Gershwin but they still took it to another level. Christopher Wheeldon is CRAZY, he not only directed this show but he choreographed it too. He directed and choreographed the original Broadway cast and even won a Tony for best choreography. It was incredible and I would’ve been shocked if he hadn’t won the Tony for this incredible show. He brought this show together in a way that I never have seen or would’ve thought to. The choreo/blocking blend was immaculate, it was a cohesive experience.

This time, instead of doing a breakdown on each character I just want to talk about this amazing cast first!! This is a dancer’s show, period. Even down to it being directed and choreographed by one of Ballet’s biggest choreographers. But it embraced the music and storytelling in it. It would’ve been easy to have your dancers then your singers that scenes are formed around. But they didn’t do that, they embraced the musical aspects of this show and really created something special.

Then the brilliant dancers in this cast were tasked with bringing it to life and they did just that. But one problem they ran into was actors who could tell this story. Finding actors/singers with that level of dance training is close to impossible. So what do you do? Take incredible dancers who’ve had decades of training and teach them how to sing and act. Dance is storytelling, acting and dance are just other forms of it. That’s what they did and Mcgee Maddox took on that job and killed it. These leads murdered in this show. It was a truly incredible show/experience and I hope more have the opportunity to see it!