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Seize the day with ‘Newsies’ at the Aurora Theatre

The Aurora Theatre changed the game with this production of Disney’s “Newsies”.

The Aurora takes the music riddling audition books across the country and brings it to life in this breathtaking production of ‘Newsies’. Since Newsies opened on Broadway in March 2012, it has taken the world by storm. Its infectious and hard hitting music is some of the most beautiful and complex music written by Alan Menken.

 In their 23rd season, The Aurora theatre upholds its reputation of being one of the most consistent theatres in Atlanta.

My favorite thing about the Aurora is that whenever you enter their doors you’re not only welcomed by the atmosphere but even its co-founders, Ann Carol Pence and Anthony Rodriguez. The front of house staff and ushers are the best and get you into the world of this show as quickly as possible! Then the show begins,  and as soon as ‘Carrying the Banner’ starts and the streets of 1899 New York are brought to life you can’t help but to recognize the diversity onstage. Ann Carol and Anthony make a conscious effort to cast people of color in these shows and I appreciate it more than anyone will ever know.

Newsies is known as a dance show that features amazing music. Which means lots of thought went into the way this show lives and breathes. Ricardo Aponte (the show’s choreographer), did his thing! Ricardo put together the best dance numbers I’ve ever seen onstage. You can see every thought that went into these numbers. Don’t even get me started on the dance breaks because my jaw hit the ground and I couldn’t pick it up! This ensemble is working hard! These are athletes, moving seamlessly from an emotional number into an extremely difficult and synchronized tap numbers I’ve seen.

If the dance numbers weren’t inspiring enough then you see this beautiful cast. This isn’t just an ensemble of people of color but also leads of color. This production is casted perfectly, they are SINGING these parts! Music is my thing so give me a moment to geek out! This band is killing it! The show starts with a lone trumpet playing the first notes of ‘Seize the Day’ and then you’re there.

 Then there were the moments I wanted to throw a shoe at the stage! (in a good way!)

These actors are giving you full voiced performances! There was a moment during ‘Something to believe in’ a duet between Greg Kamp (Jack) and Adrianna Trachell (Katherine) that I LOST it. These are challenging roles to sing and these actors make it look easy!  An actor to watch out for is Russell Alexander II, he’s crutchie and the Jack understudy. He will make you laugh, cry, and in my case, yell “sing” during one of his songs.

Newsies at the Aurora Theatre is the perfect night of theatre for anyone. Bring your kids, church, or even a group of friends but make sure you see this show! It’s running at the Aurora until September 2nd then they’ll pick back up at the Atlanta Lyric in October! You can buy tickets here!