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Behind the Musical: Ever After


“Our special effect is the human heart”

Ever After is the Alliance Theatre’s latest musical world premiere. And perhaps one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2019. And just the Alliance’s last musical world premiere ‘The Prom’, it’s being looked at for a Broadway transfer. So, with all eyes on Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre, many audiences want to know what the new kid on the block is about!

Ever After is lead produced by Kevin McCollum, who is knowing for producing shows like Avenue Q, In the Heights, Rent, and Broadway’s longest running play, ‘The Play that Goes Wrong’. Kevin has said “That idea of strong female stories is a part of what I want to celebrate.” And Ever After is bringing exactly that, not only in its storytelling but with the people who build the story.

With a mostly female creative team, The Alliance is telling this story in the most truthful and honest way. Director Susan V. Booth spoke a little on the topic, “Our audience has been part of bringing to life major new American musicals for a couple of decades now. […]  this is an audience that is deeply sophisticated. The Alliance audience looks like Atlanta, in its age, cultural demographic, in its multiplicity of political views. And it is an audience that meets new work with open heart and fierce critique”

Susan, The alliance’s artistic director, can spot a new work with potential from miles away. Under her leadership the Alliance has produced the world premieres of The Color Purple, Tuck Everlasting, and The Prom. She is a true visionary and knows how and in what ways to challenge an audience. She said

“We’ve failed miserably if everybody walks out with some homogeneous view about what they saw. The beauty of it is, it unlocks something different for each one of us. It scratches some itch for all of us and it’s not going to be the same”

On his choice to produce ‘Ever After’ Kevin McCollum said

“I think it’s a story of our time. It’s a story about how love conquers all, and any musical must be about finding your family against all odds. I love celebrating new voices…  Marcy and Zina are in that legacy of people who have never been on Broadway, that deserve to be on Broadway.”

(Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich are the show’s Book writer and Composer.) When asked why they’d chosen to premiere ‘Ever After’ in the Alliance’s newly renovated Coca Cola stage, Booth explained

“We’re opening a theatre that is a work of art. And I needed something that was good enough for our new home!”

 Click here to see an exclusive clip from one of the show’s songs, “Cousin’s cousin”. And click here to buy tickets to ‘Ever After’ running now at the Alliance Theatre through February 17th.