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The Bodyguard tour sets ATL on fire!

I just saw The Bodyguard on tour and this cast is extraordinary! I have to start with the most important part of the cast, the ensemble. The heartbeat of this show was not a weak one and this was actually one of the smallest casts I’d seen in a national tour. They were basically always onstage it seemed like there only break was intermission cause they even came back out after bows. They work for every bit of their checks because this is an incredibly demanding show.
I also want to appreciate the show’s swings and understudies. The cover tracks that are there for more voices yet still have to blend in a ensemble of dancers who have been training all of their lives. You couldn’t tell which tracks were dancers and the understudy/cover tracks and that what I love about this show.

For those who don’t know what a track is, it is a role usually in the ensemble and a cover track is able to be cut in case something goes wrong onstage. If your lead gets sick and can’t finish act 2 and the understudy is already on, the cover track can be cut so that person could go into the show. And it wouldn’t affect the show with their ensemble part missing.

It stays true to the movie for the most part but acts as almost a Whitney tribute, which was more than likely a producer call to draw bigger audiences but it almost works better this way. With classic songs from not even arguably the greatest movie soundtrack of all time but the greatest.

Now to the principal roles .

Jasmin Richardson: As Nicki Marron, she came through with polished and clean vocals . That girl can SANG FOR HER LIFE! Shes also a Rachel understudy (Deborah Cox’s role) and you can feel her energy and tell she’d give just as good of a performance.

Douglas Baldeo: As Fletcher, so this guy came out and his talent was ridiculous! You could tell that he trained but his talent was God given. Then when I checked the productions he’d done I was kind of jealous. He was not only On the Motown national tour but was Young Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway!! This young guy is destined for greatness and I look forward to watching his career’s progression.

So the next group I’m doing as sort of mini ensemble and those characters:
Tony Scibelli played by Alex Corrado
Ray Court played by Jarid Faubel
Bill Devaney played by Charles Gray
Sy Spector played by Jonathan Hadley

I put them all together because along with the ensemble they made this show “real.” They helped bring this story to life. They made Rachel, Nikki, Fletcher and Frank seem like people with real issues and real lives.

Jorge Paniagua: As the Stalker, this was the first time I’d seen a principal role be completely silent and it was eerily creepy but still super awesome as an actor. It’s hard to explain, as an audience member, he was super creepy and every time he came onstage I was ready for him to get off. But as an actor, I was so intrigued by how threatening he could be simply from his body language and the few word that he spoke. I found that extraordinary

Judson Mills: As Frank Farmer, so this was the smoothest guy I’ve ever seen onstage. I don’t know if the role was written to be this smooth or not but if you get to see him at the stage door, you’ll know that he’s really that smooth. Like way too smooth to the point where you’re like “dude no way” that type of smooth. It was ridiculous . And I honestly think he was perfectly cast in the role.

Deborah Cox As Rachel Marron: this woman had me shook, shooken, shooketh, shaken, twisted, stirred, wrapped up, tangled up, and tied up throughout this show! At the top of Act 2 she lets the audience have it! I think the song is All the Man that I need and she set the house on fire! I had to fight not stand up and fall out in the middle of the aisle. She tore it up! Her and Jasmin sang Whitney hit after hit without skipping a beat and I know for a fact there will be some little girl that sees this show and says “one day that’ll be me” her performance was nothing short of extraordinary and I can’t imagine giving a single performance like that and she gives that multiple times and week and sometimes twice a day. That’s nothing but pure talent!

All around this was in the top three for best shows I’ve ever seen at the Fox! It’s only playing for one week and will close on April 2nd so get your tickets now!!!!