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The Horizon Theatre’s Citizens Market review

Citizens Market Horizon Theatre review

‘Humanizing the hashtags’

Every time you enter the Horizon Theatre be prepared to witness perspective shifting art. They are committed to telling the story behind the articles and committed to humanizing the hashtags. Daily, we see so many hashtags come across our screens that we become desensitized to the things behind the tag.To giving these stories, ideas, and lives a place to be seen. it’s only recently that I picked up on this, but it is the most honest thing I can say about this theatre.

The Horizon Theatre leads in truth telling. At the Horizon I’ve seen shows about everything from immigration, rape, to abuse and how it affects the court system. These are real stories being told here, that will change not only your perspective but your life. Shows that make you look at everything differently after bows, shows that give a voice to outspoken and underproduced playwrights with a message.

With ‘Citizens Market’ we get a look into the lives of immigrants in different stages of life. This Cori Thomas original is a part of the ‘New American Dreams’ series at the horizon, stories documenting the changing idea of the American dream. I appreciate this series because the horizon is seeking to inform their audiences in the most impactful way possible.

You can’t deny the existence of my story after two hours of sitting in a room with it. As simple and plain as that, you can see immigrants one way but then you see a show like this and now the images in your head move and breathe. They create a safe space for these actors to “live” in and let them play within the confines of the show.

Citizens Market deals with immigrants who are from different walks of life

People that have suffered the loss of love and loved one, some that have lived in the US for decades, and their struggles daily. Citizens Market shows you the real emotions the people go through and it’s not filtered by a camera lens, the story is in front of you, these people are in front of you.

I must shout out this show’s directors Jeff Adler and Jennifer Alice Acker, the staging of this show was great. I never felt lost within the story because the blocking (movements made by the actors) pulls you in. There’s a beautiful scene between Ciata and Jesus played by Cynthia D. Barker and Christian Gonzalez, that was breathtaking. I became a part of the moments that are private between two people and dive into their lives. At one point, I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe during the scene.

There’s also something to be said about the writing of this show.

It connects in a way many shows hope to but sometimes can’t. It manages to remain funny while being heartbreaking at the same time. it’s deeply emotional and it has the perfect balance of comedy and serious storytelling. The key to a great play is the balance of it and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t miss this show.

There’s no need for a character breakdown because it’s impossible to do it without spoiling the show. But I will shout out this cast for this tremendous accent work. I’m beyond excited fro you to hear the work they put into these accents. There’s so much I’d love to say but it’d spoil your night at the theatre so buy tickets here!