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Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age

Design in the digital age, it sounds like a normal exhibition title. Nothing to get excited about, it’ll be just like every other exhibit. There could be a hundred different exhibits that could have the same title and you couldn’t tell one from the other. But what if there was one that focuses on making the world beautiful.

No political, religious, or personal struggles but simply making the world we live in today beautiful. This is what hooked me on Joris Laarman Lab’s Design in the digital age. It is a stunning exhibit on the creation of beauty. Breaking the industrialized mold of beauty or what we’re told is beauty. Then expanding upon the organic natures of beauty using technology.

The exhibit focuses heavily on transition and evolution. I don’t want to spoil the exhibit but it’s a clear theme throughout. There’s even a part of the installation chronicling the rise of industrialism and the rigidness in design. There’s a clear separation from beauty and effectiveness. It’s about “The appreciation of beauty without concrete industrialism” as Joris Laarman himself said.

Joris also touched on the cost of the digital age vs. our current industrial manufacturing. With the falling prices of 3d printers it’s easier to have things made. Production is easier, and it could also create my jobs. Someone must write the programming and continue to make sure it works.

Joris spoke on being the first generation of artists that grew up with technology. That grew up exploring digital arts, an entire new world of art. Algorithms that could create ANYTHING! Inventors that create printers that can work so fast that they can print horizontally without warping.

There’s a piece in the exhibit that’s a 3d printed miniature chair with legs made of broom sticks. He talks about how you could find these molds and prints on websites like bitsandparts.org innovation is so easy to grab at this point. We’re are creating a world we can’t imagine. I think that’s why this exhibit is so important.

But for the leading innovators like Joris, who are creating buildings, furniture, and larger structures, it’s expensive. Places like MX3D are building bridges from stainless steel to revolutionize creation. This shows how important it is to not only donate and sponsor but support these artists.

It’s a sneak peek into where the world is going, and I love all of it! This exhibit opens February 18, 2018 and runs till May 13, 2018. Check out all of Joris’ work here, bits and parts, and what MX3D is doing for architecture.

Joris Laarman Lab: http://www.jorislaarman.com/

MX3D: http://mx3d.com/projects/bridge-2/

Bits and Parts: http://www.bitsandparts.org/