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No Day but Today: RENT Countdown Day 5


Rent’s overarching theme is love. That’s my interpretation of the show, with everything that goes on they still love. Rent is so important because it is love. Rent shows us to love ourselves and everyone else.

Art is all up to your interpretation of the piece but this one is a little different. This show illustrates the lives of starving artists, HIV/AIDS positive people, LGBT couples, and more. It shows the best parts of community that are often frowned upon. It’s message is to Stand up, Love, and fight for what’s right.

It never really dawned on me what this show was about until I watched it for what had to have been the 300th time. I was wondering why Act 2 started with “Seasons of Love” the most famous song in the show. But also, why is “Seasons of Love” the most famous song and not “One Song Glory” or “Life Support”? Then I saw what literally everyone else saw.

It’s a show that shows normal people living through seasons of love. No matter who they’re loving, their color, their economic status, it’s about the love. The love one group of people showed and held closely to themselves.

These characters go through tragedy after tragedy. Yet they hold each other close regardless. If something goes wrong, there’s someone else there to catch them up. Someone that’ll cover you, light your candle, or even just be your life support (yes, that’s three shameless song references). Their spirits could be broken but never their conscious decisions to love one another.

Rent is a bookmark of Love. I’ve always been so caught up in its story that I never thought about why we tell the story. (BOOM once on this island reference) I never thought why would Mark stay with Roger, Why are Maureen and Joanne there for each other? That’s exactly why.

Jonathan wanted us to love, completely, and unconditionally. It’s an outline for a life he was never able to see. Jonathan died the night before they opened off Broadway. He wrote love into the show; which performers took and gave back to thousands across the world.

Rent is someone’s release. Someone’s way of coming into themselves. Someone’s escape. Rent is love. It continues to show the power of love and our world’s lack of it