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Rent 20th Anniversary tour Review

FAMILY!!! I wish there was a way to add gifs into this post to express my mood right now. I just had the opportunity to see the Rent 20th anniversary tour. Rent is the show that gave me the theatre bug. I’d never seen it in a theatre before and wow, just wow.

I love this cast together. Something about these people telling this story feels right. At this time in their lives, something clicked and they’re all exactly where they are meant to be. They created a space and a community on that stage.

As a performer first, I understand that what we do is give parts of ourselves to feed others. To feed your mental, give you an escape from the real world, etc. As an Audience member, you can feel when a cast is giving you their energy. An Audience syncs together throughout the show.

The best shows are when your audience and performers are on one wavelength. There’s a moment when an audience’s heart beats sync. Theatre is so intimate that most times you can feel the moment when it happens. At that moment, you’re all one. Tonight, felt like of those night where we all flipped to the same frequency.

I will say this so that I do not sound repetitive. Alana Cauthen, Jasmine Easler, and Lyndie Moe, I hate your faces and the sounds that come out of them (In a good way). These women sang my wig off, around the corner, into a recycling bin, and to a horse in need of a tail. I was ready to throw shoes and ANYTHING else in the area. I’d would just like to know what prayers they pray at night to be able to SANG like that. I need that prayer, because every option up and every riff was shock inspiring and I need that. just made that up but necessary.

I’m also going to highlight that Rent is a show that features every person in the show. I could place every person in this cast in two or more broadway shows that are currently running. The joy in National tours is you see stars before people realize how bright they shine. All of your favorite tony winning actors and actress started either in regional theatre, a classroom, or a tour. Period. so make sure you’re supporting these STARS.

To this ensemble, Y’all BETTER GET IT IN! They were getting it in! I appreciate you all the most because you have the jobs of creating your own arc throughout the show. there’s not a written outline for who Man #1 is. You all create your own characters but on top of that, traditionally understudy or swing for multiple characters. I appreciate you, the superheores of theatre.

Character Breakdowns!!

Kaleb Wells as Roger: I think Kaleb has one of the hardest jobs in the show which is essentially singing high and yelling for the entire show (He’s the male elphaba). But also living up to the Adam Pascal voice type, it must to be heard trying not to imitate every day. His vocal health routine must be immaculate cause I wouldn’t have a voice after the opening number. That being said, I love his version. The almost shyness and sensitivity was just icing on top to a great performance. *Inserts vocal rest gif

Sammy Ferber as Mark: Mark is written to be a charismatic and funny character, he  embodied mark.  It felt like it was real for him and that brought us along. He said “I’m jumping off the mountains” you can follow and grow wings on the down. He is the storyteller, and just when you’re ready to dive in he’s your guide. *inserts yas gif

Josh Walker as Collins: I’m going to be completely honest, my night would’ve been ruined had he been bad. Josh Walker as Collins= YAS. His voice is the voice of Collins. It just feels right that he’s Collins, Joy Dewing Casting did. It. Right. And yes his I’ll cover you reprise will indeed make you cry because I was going THROUGH it. *inserts Denzel glory tear gif

Marcus John as Benjamin Coffin III: shoutout to Marcus!! I saw him in the ensemble in the Mamma Mia farewell tour and he’s been super supportive of MWMIV SPEAKS! This brother here is working for his paycheck in this show though. If he’s not jumping off something or spinning, he’s singing… whilst doing the same things. He’s ridiculously talented with the smoothest vocals you’ll see onstage. *inserts Black Panther handshake gif

Jasmine Easler as Joanne: She is what I call “the sharpshooter”. So she’s doing the show and singing the notes on the page then she pin point one moment and lets loose. You know the feeling of seeing an Olympic diver give the perfect release on a flip. That’s how you feel except you don’t know it’s coming. The Opitions up, that’s all I will say. *inserts blinking confused guy gif

Aaron Alcaraz as Angel: Angel is Rent. Angel is the love everyone shares, she’s the glue. She’s the connector and he played exactly that. He didn’t have to sing every not in his falsetto because that’s not his version of Angel. His is one I’d love to see played into a bit more frequently with other actors. It’s the strength and confidence of Angel. Always strong and dependable. I love this approach a lot *inserts Meryl Streep Applauding Gif

Yael Reich as Mimi Marquez: UNDERSTUDY!!!!! Family I live for understudies, standbys, and swings. Every day and all day. Yes Yael Yes! She is a superhero and I don’t know her but I love her for being so just amazing and breathtakingly talented. There’s a stigma on understudies, but it’s Important to know they run the world! I love her voice, Her everything. She’s basically flawless like why so perfect? *inserts little rascals admiring gif

Lyndie Moe as Maureen Johnson: I have almost no words for her besides WHY!?! Whose choice was it to have her be this good. SHE DOESN’T SHOW UP UNTIL THE END OF ACT ONE. HOW DARE SHE BE THAT GOOD. She’s giving future Elphaba level vocal choices. They are fluid, and you hear ERRY note. Not every but ERRY. I said what I said. I’m working on my audition sides for Wicked now so I can be her Fiyero cause she’s a force to be reckoned with.

And that’s my Rent 20th Anniversary tour review. Go see this extraordinarily talented cast of beautiful people. The tour is in Atlanta until February 28, 2018. Buy your tickets here: https://ev10.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventList?groupCode=REN&linkID=fta&shopperContext=&caller=&appCode=