February 16, 2018 0 Comments broadway in atlanta, Broadway NYC

No Day but Today: RENT Countdown Day 4

A lot takes place in act two of RENT and in acts three and four of La Boheme. I decided it’d be easier to talk it out. I completely analyze and draw connections for the rest of the show. it’s the exact same thing but it’s on my… PODCAST!

I wanted you all to have something to listen to, I dropped A LOT of information on Both, La Boheme and RENT. It’s just easier to digest in podcast form for most, so that’s the medium I chose. It finishes up my summary and even let’s you know what’s coming next week when we resume the countdown! You can find it on youtube, Spreaker, and Souncloud right now! I’m working on a “Re-Release” of the podcast. Starting over and being on more audio networks. I’m working on apple podcasts, google play, stitcher, and iheartradio currently!

If all goes well, March 1st I’ll be re-releasing MWMIV SPEAKS on all those platforms with all new interviews, reviews, and topics. Head over to the links below and listen to this episode!!

MWMIV SPEAKS on youtube


MWMIV SPEAKS on spreaker


MWMIV SPEAKS on souncloud