February 13, 2018 0 Comments broadway in atlanta

No Day but Today: RENT Countdown Day 1

Family! The show that started my musical theatre obsession is coming to the Fox Theatre. Jonathan Larson’s RENT is the show that kicked it all off for me. Just like the other millions of musical theatre nerds born after 1990, I am in love with RENT. It broke all traditional mold for a broadway show knowingly.

This show means so much to me just because of that. They showed the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS in a way that wasn’t demeaning. Not only that but they did so with a cast of People of every shade in a show that depends on LGBT+ relationships. It was everything Broadway wasn’t at the time. It was daring and bold!

It’s the show that changed Musical Theatre and opened doors for writers like Lin Manuel Miranda, Drew Gasparini, and Pasek and Paul. This show not only gave us the story of a generation but introduced us to some of the biggest broadway and TV/movie stars of today.

From Idina Menzel, who later became Elphaba and Elsa in two of the biggest musicals highlighting love between two friends or siblings. To Anthony Rapp, who has played basically everything from “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” to Star Trek Discovery. This is the defining show of a generation. Which brings me to Today!

Today marks not only my birthday countdown but my countdown to RENT’s arrival in Atlanta! The 25th anniversary tour of RENT comes to the Fox Theatre on my birthday, February 20th. It’s here from Feb. 20-28 and I’m counting down to it’s grand entrance. So here’s to Day 1 of my countdown, No Day but Today with MWMIV SPEAKS!