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Review: A Doll’s House part 2


The Aurora Theatre took a gamble by choosing this show and it paid off! The Tony winning and Drama Desk award nominated play by Lucas Hnath is one of the most unique pieces of theatre you’ll see onstage in Atlanta. A Doll’s House part 2 was written nearly 140 years after its predecessor. The best way to describe this play is “It’s the most contemporary classic play you’ve ever seen.”

Lucas Hnath managed to capture the sensibilities and even the subtle nuances of the classic ‘

A Doll’s House’ in his 2017 continuation of the story. It picks up 15 years after the events of ‘A Doll’s House’ with Nora’s return home. This play in the writing itself, is remarkable and nothing short of genius.

Part 2 tip toes the line of classic and contemporary plays and it feels wrong but works so right. The juxtaposition of the period and the language of the piece alone is awe inspiring. Nevertheless, this show is about ideas. With the characters from A Doll’s House acting as the vehicle in which Hnath chose to deliver these ideas. It is non-traditional in the best way, which is why I was excited to see the Aurora was producing it.

A Doll’s House part 2 is a show that challenges what traditional or classic theatre is, who the characters are, how they think, and everything about them. It challenges everything which then challenges the audience, which requires audience participation. Most theatre patrons are over the age of 40 and wouldn’t generally expect to interface with the idea’s the show presents. I’m to see how other audience would engage and process this show.

And the entire audience actively engaged with the show and its ideology

! That is what art is made for, It’s easier to stick to what’s ordinary when it comes to choosing a season. But the Aurora took a risk that paid off with A Doll’s house House Part 2.

This cast is STACKED, the talent in this company is insane. Tess Kincaid, Rob Cleveland, Shelli Delgado, and Deadra Moore are ACTING for their entire lives. Freddie Ashley’s direction in this piece was simply beautiful. This one example of a show working perfectly. The staging, the pacing, the costuming, the cast, it all comes together to serve the play and the audience. It is the most impressive production I’ve seen at the Aurora theatre and I’m looking forward to seeing more works that challenge our ideas of society in the way this show does.
A Doll’s House part 2 is running now through February 10, 2019 at the Aurora Theatre. You can buy your ticket for the show here! Additionally, when you go to the show make sure you tag @mwmivspeaks and #ATdollshouse !

photos by: Casey Gardner Photography