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Review: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown at Marietta Theatre Company


Robby Myles, Bekah Medford, Jameson Vaughan, and Hannah Garmon“Featuring a small cast, iconic characters, and an SNL sketch like quality this production doesn’t disappoint.”

Marietta Theatre company presents the 1967 classic, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. Marietta theatre company is one of Atlanta’s youngest theatre’s and it’s consistently producing some of the best black box comedy in the state. It follows Marietta’s last show, The Toxic Avenger and switches the gears a little bit. With Toxic Avenger being on the Dark comedy end of the scale along with shows like the Book of Mormon, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown airs on the side of children’s theatre. This mood shift is perfect for the holidays and springtime! It offers a chance to get your kids in the theatre early with an ensemble of characters they (hopefully) already know and love.

I got to see a matinee of the show and it did not disappoint. My favorite part? It was the age range.

The audience was full of four-year olds decked out in their ‘Peanuts’ gear with their grandparents that’ve been reading the Peanuts comics since they were the same age. I got to hear one of the most adorable conversations during the show and it brings about me just as much joy as the show does.

“Grandma! Grandma! It’s Charlie Brown!”

“And look sweetheart it’s snoopy!”

“Grandma, how do you know who Snoopy is?”

“Well I used to read the comics some mornings.”

“Mommy reads me the comics!”

“Guess who read them to her!”

Nothing else could better describe the generational marketability of this franchise. There will always be an audience for these characters and their feelings and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is testament to that.

On top of its mass appeal, you’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown just features some great music. It’s an ensemble piece which means rather than having lead roles and an ensemble, the lead roles are the ensemble. Which means they’re in charge of set changes, while also performing. The set is luckily the traditional block set up, like the tony nominated 2016 revival of Falsettos.

The blocks painted like alphabet blocks on and one side and snoopy’s doghouse on the other is ingenious and lends itself to this production well. A lot of times, black box productions can overload with set and lighting to overcompensate but with the comic nature of you’re a good man Charlie brown it’s perfect the way it is.

A natural stand out in this production is Claudio Pestana as Snoopy. Snoopy is possibly the hardest role in this show because he’s the most beloved. The lovable pet of Charlie Brown shines brightly in this production. Claudio manages to capture snoopy’s now classic laid back and smart-alecky demeanor while bringing himself to the character. Singing his highest notes, while dancing, and constantly entertaining the audience almost seems like light work for Claudio.

This cast is phenomenal all around. The cast also includes Robby Myles, Hannah Garmon, Jameson Vaughan, Claudio Pestana, Bekah Medford, and Joe Redd. You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown is running through the 27th. You can buy tickets here! When you see the show use hashtags #CharlieBrownMarietta and #MariettaTheatreCompany and be sure to tag @mariettatheatre!