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Review: The Two Kids that blow sh*t up

This photo above is exactly how I felt after seeing ‘Two Kids that blow sh*t up’ at The Aurora Theatre.  From Broadway to regional theatre, this is one of the best productions of a show I’ve seen. From the writing and direction, the set, and THESE ACTORS, it was one of the best nights of theatre I’ve ever had.

This is the first play at the Aurora to have an entirely Asian cast and first play at the Aurora written by an Asian playwright.

The play bounces back and forth in time chronicling the relationships of the two characters in the play, Max and Diana. We begin with a glimpse of the end of their journey and then we’re immediately taken to the beginnings of their relationship.

From that moment on, it’s a nonstop 90-minute rollercoaster with no stops and I loved every minute of it. You laugh, cringe, cry, and cycle through any other necessary emotions. From a writing aspect, these are fully formed, three dimensional characters, and they’re everything you’d want from a show like this. They’re not perfect and that’s what makes them so relatable and easy to connect with early on.

I am in love with the staging of this production, this show takes place in the round. They create a world around you that takes you time with projections, lighting, and sound design. (side note: the soundtrack for this play is everything and should be available for streaming) The set is minimal which allows for you to have a part in the creation and imagining of this show.

On that journey of creation and discovery, we’re led by Vivi Thai and Jack Ha. I had the opportunity to see this play on a Thursday night. There was the usual quiet week night audience, and they gave us everything! I’ve seen actors “mark” or nonchalantly go through a week night performance, but they were there for each other.

With plays like this, you always must be present and listening to your partner or you’re behind. These actors trust each other every night to go on this journey together. And for that, I thank them for their beautiful performances!

Go see this show now running until September 30, 2018. You can buy tickets here and when you go, post on social media and tag @mwmivspeaks and