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Review: The Wolves at the Horizon Theatre

Sometimes a play is well written, sometimes a play is well acted, the Horizon theatre finds both in Sarah DeLappe’s ‘The Wolves’. The Wolves follows a soccer team’s warm up throughout a life changing six weeks. From the safety of their stretch circle, nine young women encounter life’s biggest challenges and questions. You’re a fly-on-the-goal as the Wolves overcome obstacles on and off the field in this passionate and funny coming of age story.

I can unequivocally say I’ve never seen anything like this in Atlanta. This production is immaculate. I can’t stress how innovative and unique every part of this show is. From the set design to the lights and music, it’s awe inspiring to say the least.

The Director, Heidi Cline McKerley DID that! The direction of this show is just right. She’s fully established three dimensional teenaged characters, which is NEVER done, they’re beyond stereotypes. The playwright, Sarah DeLapp is deserving of every bit of success this show receives. This play is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen or read. DeLapp packs every moment of the show with information about these characters, which builds this intense desire to know these characters better, that as an audience, we’re unaware of.

“Suspense is the most maddening and interesting device she uses in the show.”

Her study of time and how quickly lives can change for teens is honest and raw. She perfectly encapsulates the irony and chaotic nature of life. How you can go from imagining your dream vacation at Disney World to processing grief. And what happens when you can’t fully process grief? What happens when you don’t know what to do? What happens when you don’t know who you can go to? Where do you go when you can’t figure out what happens next? In weeks 1-5, there’s an answer for every question asked. Then we arrive at week six and the play shifts gears.

 You feel that shift in the show almost immediately and that alone should be testament to the brilliance of this piece.

This cast? They deserve all the awards, standing ovations, and a gatorade sponsorship. Katie Causey, Megan Cramer, Shelby Folks, Ebony Jerry, Shannon McCarren, Erika Miranda, Michelle Pokopac, Rebecca Robles, Jasmine Thomas, and Anna Williford are The Wolves. There’s no way they could’ve assembled a better group of actors than this one. Signing onto do this show was a lifestyle change because they trained like the athletes they portray. This show is a workout, I needed water just watching this cast. Their physical journeys only further their emotional ones.

The Wolves is running through March 3rd at the Horizon Theatre. This isn’t a show you want to miss, it’s the best play currently running in Atlanta so go see it NOW! Click here to buy Tickets.