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Shows that will make you cry laughing: ‘Black Nerd’

 “Black Nerd is a dark comedy about a young man’s journey navigating the expectations of his black family and white friends. When race and geekdom collide, you get a Black Nerd.”

As soon as I read this synopsis of the show I fell in love. My first thought was “Finally a show for me!” As a black nerd this was the show of my dreams but as an audience member there was something interesting about the show. Naturally, Black Nerd’s target audience is black people. But the jokes range from ‘Saved by the bell’ to Missy Elliot’s “Work it” and it’s interesting to see how different audiences react to the jokes they understand.

I admire this show’s writing because though its written for a specific audience, anyone will find the show funny. It’s just good comedic writing, that’ll make you laugh whether it describes you to the T or it’s the exact opposite of you. But I want you to listen to me when I say this, if it’s funny, laugh. Don’t think just because your neighbor didn’t catch the joke that it wasn’t a joke. And the actors onstage will appreciate your energy and it’ll fuel their performances!

Speaking of this cast, these actors are EVERYTHING. This cast brought this script to life in the most extraordinary wat thanks to Jon Carr (playwright) and Tiffany Porter (director). This show is bright and alive, they gave this cast room to breathe. They’re living in these roles, and there’s an air to this show that seems to keep them on their toes. I’m a fan of shows that break the “mechanical” (same show every night) feeling and just let actors create.

And I wish I could say more about ‘Black Nerd’ without spoiling the show! I’m such a fan of this writing and staging! It’s everything and officially one of my favorite plays. Buy your tickets here!