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Review: The Seagull at Serenbe Playhouse

“I saw the Seagull at Serenbe Playhouse a couple of days ago and I’m still processing it.”

This Elizabeth Dinkova adaptation of ‘The Seagull’ is the most digestible version of this show I’ve ever seen. Chekov (the writer of ‘The Seagull’) has been known for his almost implicit storytelling and his love for including subtext. Much like Shakespeare, you have to capture an audience in the first moments of the play or else we’re going to be left asking how we got left behind.

In this adaptation, Serenbe does what they’re known for and reimagine not only this show but classical plays. This was a feat of sheer creativity coming from this creative team. The lights, sounds, the set, THE PROPS, I was living my best life. The act of translating plays to reach or relate to modern audience is a challenge. But Beth not only took on this challenge, but four acts worth and added music.  There was nothing easy in the creation of this adaptation and I’m so thankful I got to bear witness to it.

In this Adaptation, the role of Konstantin is rewritten to be Constance. Constance is played by the brilliant Maythinee Washington, listen this woman is a masterclass. She’s giving the children acting beats, she’s giving you character development, and stage presence! She’s one of my favorite actors and brings this story to life in a rare and beautiful way. And the same can be said about this entire cast.

This was the first time I’d seen an entire cast of actors in another show before and these guys bring it!

There was a moment where I just watched Lee Osorio (Boris) and Park Krausen (Irina)) interact with each other. I watched their characters interact and things I noticed when they worked together before were gone. Lee would hold his hand a different way, Shannon (Nina) would smile differently. I was looking for the details of who these characters are, and I wasn’t let down!

Allen Edwards, Park Krausen, Maythinee Washington, Shannon McCarren, Brooke Owens, and Skye Passmore, they’re working for their checks. I’ve never seen these guys have an off night, and as an actor it makes me want to be better. Prepared is the word for this show, and they’re playing no games. This production is thrilling, new, brilliant, and dark but you now have limited opportunities to see it! Get your tickets here in this final week before they close on September 30th  ! But if you can’t, have no fear because Serenbe’s next show ‘The Sleepy Hollow Experience’ opens on September 26th and runs till November 4th! Buy those tickets now!!