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Throw me on the Burnpile and Light me up Review

It seems like every time I see a show at the Aurora Theatre I leave with my mind blown. The Aurora puts up the most diverse and incredible works. They aren’t afraid to take chances, they trust their artists, and their creative teams. From their trust comes some of the best productions happening in Georgia. This time, they brought “Throw Me On The Burnpile and Light Me up”

This time around they blew my mind, gave it back, then blew it again. I got to see “Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up”, a one woman show starring Taylor M. Dooley. When you hear one man/woman show you automatically cringe because you know how easy it is for them to bad. It’s one of those things that are known for being bad along with school productions of Grease. But sometimes, there’s one show that’ll blow you away and this is one.

You walk into this theatre and immediately realize how intimate this space is. You can see her and most importantly she can see you. This is something that’s off putting to some audience members but I LOVE IT. I love knowing that you and I are in this moment, experiencing this story together. It’s really an upgraded version of “storytime” you sit and listen and have the most incredible time! As an actor/artist your duty is to tell stories as truthfully as possible and this is the ultimate test of that.

You’re with Taylor the entire time she’s onstage. She paints a vivid and beautiful picture of her environment and the people in it. She tells the story of “The Girl” yes, that’s the character’s name. Taylor paints a picture in your head of everything and suddenly you’re there. You’re there with her, her father, her school teacher, and everyone else in this beautiful story. You don’t even realize that she’s the only person in this cast until her bow. She truly brings this show alive.

I will sing her praises forever this show is proof of her hard work and her mastery of this craft. There was no intermission, no band, no other cast members to help you recover, it’s all you. As someone currently doing shows I was dumbfounded. You must know every single word frontwards and backwards. If you miss a word,you could throw the tech team off. she was able to not only memorize but live in a 90 minute show on her own. She didn’t just recite the words on the paper but she gave it life and made it take flight. That’s what the masters do.

Taylor slays audiences in this incredible show under the direction of Rachel Parish. This show was written by Lucy Alibar and brilliantly casted. Also it’s INCREDIBLE that she took this written material and molded it into a reality. It’s remarkable and indescribable to take someone else’s words and give this type of performance. Thank you, Lucy, Taylor, Rachel, and the Aurora for this incredible show. Catch playing from now until October 1st.