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Why Atlanta needs Fun Home

Photo by Casey Garner Photography

Fun Home, The Musical based on Alison Bechdel’s bestselling autobiographical graphic novel of the same title is running at Actor’s Express through February 16th. Actor’s Express is dedicated to being a theatre that tells stories with a queer points of view and that work isn’t taken for granted. The Tony award winning musical is one of the most powerful pieces you’ll see in Atlanta today. The musical takes place in Alison’s mind and flashbacks to her childhood as she draws her novel. As she relives her life, we watch how Alison’s beautiful beginnings became her father’s end.

This production of Fun Home is one of the best nights of true artistry I’ve seen in a long time. Jeanine Tesori’s score took my breath away throughout the show but two specific moments made me audibly gasp. During ‘Telephone Wire’, for anyone that hasn’t seen the show, it’s the first moment that Alison is reliving this story from a first-person point of view. Halfway through the song, you could feel the air get sucked out the room and every audience member was in this moment with Alison and her father. That same feeling continued through Jeff Mckerley’s gut wrenching ‘Edges of the World’ and to the button of the song and the audience met it with complete silence. It was a stunning and beautiful moment of complete connection between everyone in the room.

My favorite part of Fun home is that it’s not based around a cisgendered white man. This is a story centered around a 3-dimensional queer woman and her life. That in itself is beyond powerful. Then when you add Rhyn Saver to the mix, it’s one of the most incredible nights of theatre you’ll see.

Photo Casey Gardner Photography

When I saw Fun Home at Actor’s Express, I was in awe of Rhyn’s work. Every moment of the show she is zeroed in and completely focused on the action happening on onstage. That is not an easy task by any means! She’s taking every moment truthfully and as it comes and it’s the most refreshing and beautiful thing I’ve seen happen in a while. I say this every single time I see Rhyn onstage, but it’s still so true. Rhyn’s incredible spirit, heart, and soul is in the work she does onstage and my God this is no exception! Her work is evident and any chance to see the atmosphere shifting work she does onstage is a blessing!

This entire cast is INCREDIBLY talented.

Eden Mew shines like no other as Young Alison! She controls the stage and space like she’s a vet. She’s got an abundance of stage presence with an infectious smile and voice to match! Watch out for her onstage across Atlanta (and prayerfully larger stages) soon! Jeff McKerley’s performance is a demonstration of mastery and a disrespectful display of talent. I don’t remember breathing once during ‘Edges of the World’. Jeff had pulled me into Bruce’s world, and I saw it just as clearly as he did.

This show’s star power is simply unmatched. Natasha Drena, Marcia Cunning, Juan Carlos Unzueta, Michelle Pokopac Alex Newberg, and Vinny Montauge are all STARS and this production is not to be missed. Fun Home is running now through February 16th, 2020 at Actor’s Express. Click Here for Tickets!

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